Profile Update Or Wallet

Q: I want to change my profile or wallet, but i can't. I didn't receive confirmation email. Help me?

A: There are several conditions for this case:

  1.  Please check your spam folder first. Confirmation code usually goes there (especially for gmail users).
  2. If there's still no confirmation code, you can send us a ticket and tell us why do you want to change your profile.
  3. If you want to change your email, sorry, we can't change it. We can only change your wallets, but not your email. You must make a new account with new email for it.
  4. If you want to change your wallet, our team will send you a confirmation email directly to your registered email. You must reply our email as it is to prove the email authenticity. Our team then will process your request in 48 hrs.
  5. If you have difficulty to change your profile meanwhile you no longer have active deposit or account balance, you can make a new account. We suggest you to open a new account with gmail address.

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