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Q: Why do i need to send more coin than amount that needed for deposit (based on current live rate on market). Your system is error. Please fix this issue.

A: Have you read our guide or support page on SolidTradeBank

For deposit and withdrawal with crypto coins, we set our own coin rate and don't follow the live rate on market. Please check our rate table bellow:

For example: 

User B wants to invest $100 using doge coin on 2.2% weekly plan. B need to send us $100 : 0.05 (our rate) = 2000 doge to our deposit wallet. When B wants to withdraw his balance $130, we will use the same rate (0.05 USD/Doge) to process and send B's withdrawal. It is $130 : 0.05 = 2600 doge.




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